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Great game so far.

Love the story and game so far.

Destiny Fantasia

Best RPG I've played in a long time, I enjoy every second and every move I spend playing it. Please let me know if DF II comes out. Thanks

Worth A Play For The Price

The story was polished enough to keep me engaged to find out how it would all turn out. A positive mix of FFII and FFIX gameplay; the battles rarely feel like a waste of time because character attributes are always increasing and skills are always being learned. Using in-app purchases is nowhere near necessary to complete the game and it's good with telling you where to go next. Plus, there's a nice Dragon Quest-type surprise for completing it. There will be times where the tap selection is not very reliable and the story is quite linear, with a lack of side quests. Bottom line: I can't see myself revisiting this game but it was worth a play through.


This game is so fun & love it the best RPG game I play

Kemco makes another rad JRPG!

This game is super fun! I really dig the outstanding music, and the fun nostalgic retro theme. A step above Kemco's Symphony of Eternity in presentation and is more polished, but a step below Symphony of the Origin in presentation. Even so, this is a pretty polished and solid JRPG title in its own right, and opens up with a nice intro that includes Japanese vocals! This game has a bit of a generic typical JRPG story, not as good as Kemco's Chrome Wolf, Soul Historica, or Alphadia Genesis' stories, and the characters are all pretty typical JRPG cliches (but the characters ARE very likable and fun at least!) but boy, does this game have AMAZING music and super fun and addicting gameplay!! I had so much fun with this title, and found myself playing it through more than once! There is a new game + mode too! (Keep all levels and items after game completion) Though other Kemco titles may have better stories, characters, and better presentation, on a strictly gameplay level, this title is hard to beat, and may be my favorite Kemco title of all!! Definitely worth getting if you're a fan of retro classic JRPG's (ESPECIALLY if you're a fan of Kemco RPG's!!). Thank you for bringing fun classic style JRPG's that bring back great childhood memories for me to the US iTunes Store Kemco!!

Great game

I only just started so I don't know enough to give a fair review. Looks pretty good so far. Will update if my opinion changes.

Very good.

Finally! An old school RPG game that is a cross between final fantasy and dragon warrior. Great game for the price and for spending hours on. Would have gotten five stars but lacking info on leveling up and remaining HP for bosses would have been nice. Graphics are good but story line is better than a lot of the games out there that are more expensive. Worth buying for those who are reading this.

Great RPG!

A great RPG like this really brings back the classic games. Worth the price I'd say

Great RPG

Awesome old school RPG


great gamee + system but no cumtomization that make this game less fun but still worth buying if discounted


It a good game I w it be on ps3

Worst kemco game so far

I've played several of this publisher's RPGs and this one is the worst so far. No healing points anywhere. No info on boss hp remaining. At seemingly random times, the characters' stats increase but no info on when or how much more you need for the next increase. No info on how much xp you get per enemy. And, worst of all, absolutely no info on how to progress the story. I picked up that Ffruity character in some village and now I have no idea where to go next. Beat some boss in some random cave I found. Still no story progression. Totally frustrating and not worth the 99c.


I'm a huge rpg fan. This game is very good. Story draws you in, old-school feel to it, battle system is straight forward as well. Very good rpg. I'll me looking more of these games from this company in the future. Well worth the cost.


This game has nice combat and storyline good job keep up the work.


This is a well made old school rpg can relax while playing not to intense good job I play a lot of mmos so it's nice to have a game like this one.


Your typical jrpg that you know and love.

Very nice RPG!

I am a 70-year old lady die-hard Final Fantasy player/fan who just happened to run across Destiny Fantasia by Kemco. I love the old style RPG's and DF certainly fills the bill. I am enjoying it very much. It works so well on my iPad, has a great story line, the price is right, and it's loads of fun to play. I will be looking for more Kemco games. Keep up the good work. You've won another fan!

Addictive old school game

I'm surprised at how hard this game is to put down.

Solid old school RPG

For just $2 this game is a STEAL! If you loved old games in your Super Nintendo or Sega genesis then you will love this game!

Great RPG App

Love this game! Great story line, if you like Final Fantasy, Dragon Warrior then this game is for you. Has all the old school feel that brings you back to when you first started playing RPG games.

Love kemco rpg's

Another great release from the old school master on iOS. I love the level up system, changes by gear and equipment. Story and characters are adequate. I don't have massive expectations for the cost. The size is, as always, great for limited space on Apple devices, around 30 Megs.


Love it fun, addictive, great graphics, music, story etc. This game is RPG wow!

Love the old rpg feel

I am enjoying this game very much I find it almost monotonous though when in battle I wish there was a way to speed up the battle sequence especially when facing weaker enemy's

Destiny Fantasia

This is a great game. I wish I could find more games like this. Keep up the good work!

Love RPG'S

Love this game. I happen to love old school games and this is one. I hope to see more for my iPad. Please keep them coming.

Fun game.

This is a great game. Is like the older games I used to play years ago. Is simple at the beginning but is more challenging as the game goes on. The controls are great. Once I get started I can't stop playing. Great game for first time RPG players.

Very fun

Another great old school rpg from kemco keep them coming


Great game!

Destinia Fantasy

Awesome...having goosebumps while playing it.


Lovely gameplay, but the dialogue is a bit atrocious.

Not bad

Reminds me of ff 2 nice work!!

Love it

The game is great so far but I can't buy any dpf in the game to get items or content cause of currency

Great game

Like the game. We'll worth the money. Fun rpg

Not as good as other kemco titles

First play through I finished the game in just over 9 hours, not a long game as far as RPGs go. You need to spend iapp for extra dungeons and the stories on your characters. The general game is ok but towns are small with no personality, and generic comments from everyone. Characters and the story are completely bland. The game seems very rushed, has potential but when I finished the game I thought it was barely getting started and a new world would open up. Made me left saying "that's it?"

Pretty good

It's my favorite kemco game so far, similar to final fantasy 2, but get it before the price hike!


Kinda reminds me of symphony of origin. Definitely a nice game.

Once again

Kemco make's a Nother must have game.great work keep it up.

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